Our Team

We came together to solve the world's biggest problem

We are a team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and climate advocates, all united by one mission: to rewind the clock on climate change. Our goal is to leave the world better than we found it, ensuring a thriving future for our children and many more generations ahead.

Kobi Kaminitz


Dr. Peter Krost

Co-Chief Scientist, Marine Biology

Prof. Dror Angel

Co-Chief Scientist, Marine Ecology

Eitan Brettler


Ram Amar


Noa Olenik

Chief of Sustainability

Inbar Yoel

Office Manager

Alon Ushpiz

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Nitai Amiel

Science Lead, Geochemistry

Haim Lahovitski


Dr. Josh Steinberg

Senior Scientist, Geology & Methodology