The Science Behind Rewind

Post #1 - December 21, 2022

This is our very first company blog post! We plan to publish about 1 post a month, and every post will highlight a different area of our work. This time we shine some light on our scientific achievements 🧪🔬

What Are We Trying to Prove?

Our hypothesis is that organic matter on the bottom of the Black Sea preserves for thousands of years. This already has proof in the form of wooden ships sunken in the Black Sea that have been preserved for thousands of years. It is also well documented in the scientific literature that without oxygen, lignin does not break down.

We lead with science, and to continue validating our hypothesis, we are conducting scientific experiments to investigate the biochemical processes of organic matter in anoxic conditions. Our goal is to show that not only the organic carbon preserves for millennia, it is also perfectly safe for the environment.

What Experiments Did We Run?

Our experiments began in May 2022 in Israel's Sea of Galilee and Germany's Selker Noor. Comparing decomposition rates of plant biomass in both oxic and anoxic environments.

The Black Sea experiment began in July 2022 with the deployment of plant biomass in anoxic waters 250 meters deep.

All of these experiments follow the same basic principle: divide organic matter into samples, place the samples in the water, extract samples after varying durations, and compare the dry weight before & after. Loss of mass is an indication of decomposition.

Selker Noor, Germany, May 22
Sea of Galilee, Israel, May 22
Just before deployment, Black Sea, July 22
Black Sea's second sample is out! November 22
What Have We Learned So Far?

Last month, we extracted the fourth sample from the Israeli & German experiments and the second sample from the Black Sea. Our analysis of the results leads us to the following conclusions:

Our next experiments in the Black Sea and the lab are on their way, and be sure you'll hear about them in the future.

If you'd like to learn more, stay updated, or even get involved, reach out and get in touch!